Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2010 Vancouver Games Vehicles supplied by GM

GM will supply Vehicles for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

General Motors Canada will be the offical vehicle partner for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, B.C. GM Canada's commitment is $53 million for vehicles, services and marketing support. Also, GM will have a $14 million investment in sport initiatives to help Canadian athletes reach the 2010 Winter Olympics.

30 % of the vehicles GM will supply up to and during the 2010 Olympic Games will run on hybrid or alternative fuels like biodiesel. Good to see GM is committed to our environment!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Where to stay in Whistler, BC for 2010 Olympics

Where to stay in Whistler By Henry Schlee

If you’ve decided to come to Whistler, congratulations. You’ve just chosen the best resort in North America, and possibly the best in the world. Nowhere else has the range of terrain, with a wealth of both easy groomed runs and spectacularly challenging off-piste that Whistler can offer. However, you’ve still got to decide where to stay. Assuming you want to be within walking distance of the lifts and avoid the use of your car or a shuttle bus to get to the lifts, you have three choices: the Village, the Upper Village and Creekside. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and appeals to somewhat different tastes, so it would be as well to understand the characteristics of each area before you make your choice.

The Village is the largest commercial centre, with the main concentration of shops and restaurants. It also has the advantage of sitting at the confluence of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, so that you can choose to ski either mountain from a single starting point: Skier’s Plaza. If you want to be able to stagger back from one of Whistler’s legendary nightclubs on foot and fall into your bed, the Village is the place to be. However, with a few exceptions, the Village tends to offer smaller and rather undistinguished accommodation: primarily one- and two-bedroom apartments above the shops. They were cheaply-built, and unless you find one which has been recently refurbished, you may find yourself in a convenient but rather unattractive lodging. In addition, you may find that although you are in the Village you are quite a long walk from the lifts, since the Village is quite long and narrow and the far end of it is a good 10 minutes walk from Skier’s Plaza. Finally the Village is not for those looking for a peaceful time: Whistler attracts a rowdy crowd and they like to party until the early hours.

The Upper Village is where you go for ski-in, ski-out accommodation and improved views. It is located on the lower slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, and if you choose one of the developments at the edge of the slopes you can have very easy access to the skiing: walk out the door, put on your skis and away you go. There are also a few shops and restaurants in the Upper Village itself around the Blackcomb Base and in the lower floor of the Fairmont Hotel. To reach the Village you have a 10-15 minute walk or you can take the free Village shuttle in the winter. The Upper Village will suit those who want the great convenience of ski-in, ski-out, like the views that come with being higher up the mountain and need a bit more peace and quiet than is available in the Village.

Creekside is the original location of Whistler. Located at the bottom of Whistler Mountain, it has its own high-speed gondola up the mountain and a new commercial centre with a good range of shops and restaurants. Creekside is unquestionably the locals’ favourite: knowledgeable Vancouverites have their chalets and condos there. They like seeing their friends in the lift line (on the rare occasions when there is one), they like to après at Dusty’s and they know that access to Blackcomb is extremely easy down Expressway from the top of the Creekside gondola. Also, the true locals prefer the ski-ing on Whistler Mountain, especially the off-piste accessible from Peak Chair. Finally Accommodation is also significantly cheaper in Creekside.

Try www.whistlerdeluxe.com if you are looking for a wide range of Whistler lodging options, be they in the Village, the Upper Village or Creekside.

Henry Schlee is the owner of Whistler Deluxe, which manages over 60 chalets, condos and townhomes in Whistler. Try this link if you want a great choice of Whistler accommodation across all parts of Whistler.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

2010 Hockey to be played on NHL Sized Rinks

In the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, a decision has been made to play the men's and women's hockey tournament on the smaller, NHL-size ice surface.

This will save organizers for the Vancouver Games $10 million in construction costs. This will also allow organizers to sell about 35,000 more tickets.

This will be the first time an Olympic tournament will be on NHL-sized ice.

Read more here.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Winter Olympics Quotes

Winter Olympics Quotes

The 2010 Winter Olympics should produce some memorable events, as well as memorable quotes. Here are a couple Olympics quotes from the past:

Katarina Witt, German figure skater
1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics:
"When I go out on the ice, I just think about my skating. I forget it is a competition."

Herb Elliott
"It is the inspiration of the Olympic Games that drives people not only to compete but to improve, and to bring lasting spiritual and moral benefits to the athlete and inspiration to those lucky enough to witness the athletic dedication."

Michael Kralj
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tourism to boom from 2010 Vancouver Olympics

2010 Winter Olympics to cause boom in Tourism in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Currently, Tourism in British Columbia is a $9.3 billion industry, and with the Winter Olympics coming forth in 2010, they expect an increase before, during and after the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whistler Back In The Saddle

Whistler Back In The Saddle by Carrie Haggerty

After winning the Olympics and realising that Whistler, B.C. may have one of the nicest mountains with some of the best skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing conditions in all of Canada. Whistler has always been a great escape from the everyday whether you are local or you travel great lengths to get here. It has been consistent and always a rush to go up for a great ski getaway. The last two seasons we have seen a dramatic difference in the conditions, where did all the snow go? Now all points seem to pull toward the massive warming of the earth due to green air gas emissions and global warming.

I believe the tides are finally changing for our little whistler village, with our slopes opening up early and the snow has just kept on going. With the snow going like crazy so early in the season I can imagine that this is going to be one of whistlers best seasons in quite some time. So what next? I guess the influx of snow and the great conditions are going to bring their fair share of tourists, skiers, snow boarders etc. This means that if you are looking for a place to stay when you head in to Whistler Village the time to book is now.

Your next question may be: Well what would be the best bang for my buck. There are a variety of options when you are looking for accommodations in the busiest spot of the season. When you are looking for accommodations depending on the length of stay you want to be more than anything comfortable and lets not kid ourselves you want it to be affordable. So lets go over the possibilities of what kind of accommodations there are available in Whistler.

Hotels/Motels - Well if you are going to in up one day and out the next this could be cost effective. The wonderful thing about hotels is they have a bed, and a bathroom and if your lucky you could get there dried up continental breakfast, or you could spend some extra cash and go off to the next greasy spoon and eat your self into a heart attack. Now Im talking low end here folks we all know that you can get all the luxuries of home I suppose in the hotel/motel experience as long as you have the coin to back it up.

Bed and Breakfasts - Now here is a truly comfortable way to travel in fact it is one of my favourite accommodation methods, you wake up to warm feeling and your breakfast is made for you before you step the last step in the kitchen, the conversation is friendly talking to the family that may be hosting or to some other travellers that happen to be passing through. Like I said my absolute favourite way to travel with the feeling of comfort and a feeling of home.

Cabin/Condo Rentals - This is a great way to travel is you are travelling with a group of 5 or more people, I love the feeling of the great outdoors just outside my bedroom and the feeling of camaraderie when you are travelling with a few of your closest friends, and it gives you the feeling that you are camping. Now if you are not feeling much like your an outdoorsy person and require the same luxury of home and with a reasonable budget you can always rent a condo and live like you never left home.

The choice is really up to you, whether you enjoy hotel living or you want to feel the comforts of living like you never left home in your own condo rental. One thing is for sure, Whistler has got their groove back and if you want to catch the best deals the time to book is now! Whistler is on the verge of their best season and if you wait too long you may miss the boat!

Carrie Haggerty is currently a marketing manager at http://www.abalone.ca/ and is working closely in the accommodations industry with her clients at http://www.whistlergetaway.net/. If you are looking to stay in whistler this season or want to find out more information.

If your interested in the Olympics, you may also be interested in the 2006 World Cup.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Choosing vacation rental property in Whistler

Choosing vacation rental property in Whistler by Henry Schlee

Whistler is perhaps North America's best ski resort; certainly there is nowhere close for vertical drop, acreage of groomed runs and variety of expert terrain. However there is also a tremendous variety of rental accommodation, and before you make a choice it would be as well to be educated about the options and their implications.

Whistler properties vary along 3 key dimensions: size, quality/style and location. We don't need to say much about size; there are properties on the rental market ranging from shoeboxes of 350 sq. ft to imposing chalets of 6000 sq. ft. or more. Quality is another question altogether. Much of the Whistler rental inventory was built in the 80s and 90s when the profile of the resort was lower and cost was the name of the game. Most developments were built with indifferent design, cheap materials, poor quality fixtures and fittings and décor that is unimaginative at best. You do not want to spend your vacation in a condo with a blue carpet, magnolia walls, formica countertops, shiny brass bathroom fittings and garishly-coloured sofas. So you need to seek out either one of the more recent developments, such as Taluswood, that were built to a much higher specification, or you need to find a unit that has been recently renovated (or 'Whistlerized', as the local term has it). 'Whistlerization' typically involves installing slate floors, granite countertops, stone fireplaces, wooden cupboards, beams and trim, and painting in earthy autumnal tones of café-au-lait, caramel and burgundy. These units have a much more mountain-cabin feel. The top-of-the-line properties in Whistler go a stage or three beyond this, with spectacular designs and extremely high-end finishes, although only a few of these properties are on the rental market.

Location is perhaps the key issue in choosing your Whistler rental. Although only a small town, there are many different areas you can choose for your vacation, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

The Village is the place for proximity to bars and restaurants, and for being a relatively short walk to the lifts. However most of the inventory in the Village is small, with one or two-bedrooms units dominant in the mix, and it was all built to a cheap standard. It is critical to find a unit that has received a recent quality renovation. There are also one or two units that are larger, but you may have to search hard to find them.

The Upper Village is on the lower slopes of Blackcomb Mountain. This is the location for ski-in, ski-out units that are also reasonably accessible to the Village. However, if you want ski-in, ski-out make sure that you check what this means. Some properties are actually on the slopes; others, still styling themselves 'ski-in, ski-out' may be up to 5 minutes walk away. Still others are ski-in, but not ski-out.

The second main location for ski-in, ski-out units is Taluswood on the lower slopes of Whistler Mountain. This is a very upscale area with a variety of accommodation, but all of a high quality standard using peeled logs, natural materials and quality décor. Access to the slopes is very easy, with no more than a 2 minute walk from most properties. However you need a vehicle to get to shops and restaurants, as this area is not served by either the free shuttle or by municipal buses.

The fourth location is Creekside, the original location of Whistler. This used to be a very downmarket area, but recent heavy investment has made it a decent alternative to the Village. The Creekside gondola is always less crowded than the lifts in the Village, and there is now a great selection of shops and restaurants in town. The quality of accommodation is very mixed, with many unattractive older properties and a few newer, luxury chalets that are equal to any in Whistler. You can walk to the lifts from most locations in Creekside.

Finally, there is a selection of other locations, including Blueberry Hill, Nicklaus North and Alpine Meadows. Here you will generally find larger homes, but they are not ski-in, ski-out and you will have to drive to the Village as well. However, you will get more for your money in terms of the quality and size of the property itself here.

As with most things, it pays to consult an expert. If you are looking for Whistler ski accommodation, give a call to the folks at Holiday Whistler. They will be able to help you out with sound advice.

About the Author
Henry Schlee is the owner of Holiday Whistler. If you want a great Whistler condo rental or somewhere to find a choice of Whistler ski accommodation, give them a call on 1 877 697 7776.